Sunday, February 18, 2018

What I Eat In A Day ♡ Healthy Meals + Snacks

Today i'm sharing what I eat in a day including healthy meals, snacks, and dessert!
I hope this gives you some food / meal planning inspiration. :)

VLOG 12. Going On A Date + Husband's First Time Vlogging!

Joseph and I went out on a fun day date downtown and Joseph tried his hand at vlogging- For the first time ever!!! :) Stay tuned till the end for a Q & A + a cute goodbye. :)

Vitacost Grocery Shopping Haul - Family of 6

Welcome back for a natural foods grocery haul from Vitacost!
Leave a comment on the video if you can relate to my chocolate comment in the video ;)

VLOG 11. School Rant, Shop Target With Us, Lego & Q & A

I had a bit of a storytime rant about a mysterious no-school day, some shopping at Target, and a cute Q & A with Cameron! :)