Monday, September 26, 2011

CLOSED $30 Fast Cash Contest!

We are holding a contest to give back to those of you who are willing to help us get the most votes on our Medela photoWe will be giving away a total of $30 cash to our faithful followers! 

Brittany Hedden

The grand prize winner will receive $20 and two secondary winners will each get $5! 

The grand prize winner will be the person who has submitted the most email addresses to me that have voted for our photo. (You can use anyone's email as long as they are giving you permission to use it to vote for our photo.) That means vote the most and get a guaranteed $20. Use it for whatever you'd like: a diaper for your stash, dinner, new shoes, gas, it's up to you!

The two secondary winners will be selected at random from the total email addresses submitted. If I pick an email address you submitted, you get $5 cash! It's that easy!

Go HERE to vote!

All email address entries must be 
submitted as comments before 10 pm CT 
on 9/30/11 to be counted.

**Our photo must win with the most votes 
for contest to be valid & prizes to be awarded**

If our photo doesn't win, this contest will be scratched & 
we will be holding it again next month!
(But hopefully not! That's up to you!)

You may put entries (email addresses) below!