Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cloth Diapering 101- Lesson 3

Cost Comparison of Different Cloth Diaper Styles

Watch my video to see an in depth cost comparison of the different styles of cloth diapers.

Disposables: $2,000 = $3,000
Flats: $114.56
Prefolds: $83.57
Contour: $318.62
Fitted: $756.25
Pocket: $215.80-$479.28 
All-In-2: $403.05
Hybrid with all Disposable Inserts: $1,982.44
Hybrid with all Cloth Inserts: $199.80
All-In-1: $454.80

And that is retail pricing!!! Just imagine what you can do with coupon codes & sales!

There is no doubt about it, cloth diapering is the cheapest way to go. The question is... which way will you do it?!?! My suggestion: Get a little bit of everything and stay in a budget. That way you can choose the diaper that works best for you at the time, and you find what you like best. 

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