Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Delta Liberty Mini Crib

I recently uploaded a video talking about how our mini crib has been holding up the past 19 months with our son. Many people were wondering if he still fits in it and my opinion of it. Here's the video:

Others were wondering how much we spent on it and where we bought it. Here's all that info:

Delta Children's Products Liberty Mini Crib

Delta Children's Products Liberty Mini Crib

Normally Retails for $179.99
This is a mini crib that converts to a twin size bed when the baby is older.

We paid $115.95 total- shipped to our door within 2 days!

Here's how:
 $179.99   Original Price
-$40.04     On sale at for $139.95
-$14.00     You get a 10% completion discount for having it on your amazon registry
-$10.00     $10 off coupon found in BabyTalk Magazine (Subscribe for free here)

Plus, by signing up for Amazon mom (Sign up here) you get free 2-day shipping! 
(When I signed up it was free, I think it might cost now to sign up....)
Join Amazon Mom
Hope that answers some questions!

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